Secure Your Tickets with Assetyzer Technology

Assetyzer technology ensures transparent, immutable ticket transactions, preventing fraud. Smart contracts automate sales, while decentralization boosts reliability, making seat security trustworthy.

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The Benefits

Why Assetyzer Based ticketing ?

Guaranteed Authenticity

Assetyzer guarantees tamper-proof tickets, preventing fraud and providing peace of mind for both event organizers and attendees

Digital Ownership transfer

Assetyzer enables secure, seamless ticket transfers with clear ownership records, streamlining the process for a fast and reliable user experience.

Secondary Market Creation

Assetyzer facilitates a secure secondary ticket market, regulated by smart contracts to enforce fairness, including price caps, enhancing accessibility for buyers.

Digital Redemption

Assetyzer simplifies event entry by instantly validating digital ticket tokens, ensuring swift, secure access tailored to ticket tiers


Diverse Applications, One ticketing Solution

Live Music & Festivals

Amplify the fan experience with secure, ticketing and instant transfers.

Sports League

Score a win for fans with fraud-proof season passes and game-day tickets.

Performing Arts

Take center stage in ticket management for theatres and ballets.

Conference & Expos

Network with ease using smart tickets for seamless professional gatherings.

Air Travels

Elevate boarding efficiency with Assetyzer-secured flight tickets.

Cultural Institutions

Enrich visits to museums and historic sites with timed entry and membership tokens.

Public Transport

Revolutionize commuting with Assetyzer-powered digital transit passes.

Product Launches

Launch with confidence by ensuring exclusive access to limited edition items.

Online Events

Connect audiences globally with verifiable access to virtual experiences.

Educational Access

Advance learning with secure ticketing for workshops and courses.


Pricing Options to Suit Every Requirement

Basic Plan



Ideal for Small scale events

₹400/100 - Outstanding Units*

₹2.40 - Cost Per Action

Standard Plan



Ideal for Medium Sized events

₹200/100 - Outstanding Units*

₹1.60 - Cost Per Action

Pro Plan



Suited for large scale events

₹80/100 - Outstanding Units*

₹0.8 - Cost Per Action

Custon Plan


Cannot find a plan that suits your requirement? Donot worry we will carve a custom plan for you

Secure your Seat with Assetyzer Technology

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