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Transform Assets: Amplify Liquidity, Access Secondary Markets

Assetyzer: Streamlining asset tokenization with an agile PaaS. Our cutting-edge blockchain tech ensures secure lifecycle management for enterprises and financial institutions

Revolutionizing Transactions The Why of Tokenization
Automation and conditionality of Assets

Tokenization automates transactions with smart contracts, streamlining processes and cutting out intermediaries for faster, accurate, and cost-effective asset management

Secondary Market Creation For Illiquid Assets

Tokenize illiquid assets for trade. Open doors to secondary markets, unlocking hidden value and enhancing marketability. Explore newfound liquidity as assets become easily bought, sold, or traded, expanding their appeal across broader markets

Trust By Traceability and Provenance

Boost trust and transparency through tokenization. Blockchain ensures traceability of asset history and ownership, minimizing fraud and instilling confidence. This added layer of security in transactions enhances transparency and authenticity

Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity

Tokenization democratizes access to diverse asset classes by breaking them into affordable units, fostering a more inclusive investment landscape and creating new opportunities for wealth creation.

From Tangible to Tokenized Just 3 Clicks Away
01 Authenticate to Innovate: Streamlined KYB Process

Launch your digital assets journey with Assetyzer's KYB process. Build trust, ensure compliance, and secure your transformation.

02 Craft and Launch: Your Token, Your Rules

Unleash tokenization potential with Assetyzer. Easily customize tokens, specifying traits and parameters for smooth asset transformation

03 Transfer with Trust: Secure, Seamless, Superior

Assetyzer ensures secure blockchain transfers, redefining asset management for a transparent, efficient, and fraud-resistant future


Asset tokenization to grow 50x into US$16 trillion opportunity by 2030

Exploring Assetyzer's Diverse Use Cases
Real Estate

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What others have to say about Assetyzer

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Priyansh Jain

CEO, Business Events


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Rohan Sharan

CEO, Timechainlabs

Pricing Options to Suit Every Requirement

included Actions:300

included Units:2000

included Contract:3

Extra action cost:$0.05

Extra Units Cost (per uint):$0.05

Extra Contract Cost:$13


included Actions:600

included Units:5000

included Contract:5

Extra action cost:$0.03

Extra Units Cost (per uint):$0.03

Extra Contract Cost:$11


included Actions:1500

included Units:15000

included Contract:15

Extra action cost:$0.01

Extra Units Cost (per uint):$0.01

Extra Contract Cost:$10


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Asset tokenization is the process of converting ownership of an asset into digital tokens on a blockchain. These tokens can then be traded or transfered like any other digital asset.


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